Accept international payments using foreign currency accounts

You can buy and sell anything with the touch of a button, getting paid should be this easy too. Global accounts allows you to receive funds like a local within hours.

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Kickstart your international expansion with Global Accounts

Global Accounts are international currency accounts designed to simplify and streamline how you operate internationally. Global Accounts enable you to accept international payments in foreign currencies as if they were a local payment, using the local clearing system - cheaper, faster, and more securely.

Online sellers and businesses can use Global Accounts alongside our powerful fx conversion engine and multi-currency wallet to launch into new markets, empowering you to take advantage of the global opportunities of the digital world economy.



Create Global Accounts in the markets you operate into quickly and easily collect funds from around the world.


Instant activation

As an Airwallex client, it will take you seconds to open a new Global Account which is available for immediate use.


Low cost

Connecting directly to local payment networks around the world means faster receipt of funds and lower fees.

Work your way

Our product suite is fully customisable to give you the tools to grow your business, without having to pay for all the extras you don't need.



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Do business with locals, like locals

Create a better experience for your international customers who can pay directly from their traditional bank accounts into your Global Accounts. Convert funds back into your wallet and withdraw in your local currency.

Improved customer experience

Allow your customers to make payments to your business in their preferred currency and payment method, removing unnecessary international transaction fees for users.

Access to new markets

Create Global Accounts and collect payments locally in international currencies like EUR, GBP and USD. Open up previously inaccessible ecommerce platforms and customer bases.

Simplified fund management

Improved reconciliation and financial control with centralised collection and the ability to transfer funds back to your own currency.


Your data is stored and protected behind multiple layers of authentication.


Airwallex works closely with regulators in each market we operate in.


Your data is closely managed during all stages of collection, transmission, and storage.


Our security systems and procedures are based on the highest international standards.

Global by nature

We've built relationships with banks across the world, and use our extensive regulatory and payment expertise to give you the power to make payments in all corners of the globe.

Take control from any place at any time

Our Web App can easily be accessed from the comfort of your browser on either mobile, desktop or tablet. Set your business up for success with greater financial control and all the insights you need to accelerate global growth.
  • Be front and centre to watch your business grow

    Get a snapshot of your activity and stay in the know with instant access to your account when you need it.

  • Collect, convert, and pay all in the same place

    Access and manage the full suite of products on the go and stay in control wherever you are.

  • See all of your trading activity

    View your transaction history and export data to your accounting and payroll software.

  • Be front and centre to watch your business grow

    Get a snapshot of your activity and stay in the know with instant access to your account when you need it.

  • Open multiple foreign currency accounts, with no monthly fees.

    Start receiving foreign currency payments in a manner of minutes. Find out more using the Global Accounts links below.
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    Unlock accelerated global growth for your business

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